Gouache on Paper - Columbus OH Watercolor Artist


14" x 11", gouache on paper

Colored Pencil on Paper - Columbus Ohio Graphic Designer

Facial Anatomy Illustration

21" x 16", colored pencil on cut paper

Sunflower Watercolor - Gouache on Paper - Columbus, Ohio


15" x 11", watercolor, gouache and marker on paper

Mixed Media on Canvas - Columbus Art Studio

The Neutralization

86" x 89", mixed media on canvas

Acrylic and Gloss - Columbus, Ohio Artist

Stop Breaking Down Blues

7" x 10", acrylic and gloss medium

Sunflower Sprout - Mixed Media on Canvas - Columbus, Ohio

Sunflower Sprout No. 2

48" x 23", mixed media on canvas

Spray Paint Still Life on Canvas - Sunflowers in Bottles

Still Life With Bottles & Sunflowers

60" x 43.5", spray paint, acrylic and gouache on canvas

Oil and Spray Paint on Canvas - Columbus Ohio Artist


42" x 22", oil and spray paint on canvas

Still Life with Skull - Oil on Canvas

Still Life With Skull

15.5" x 19.5", oil on canvas

Skull - Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas

Skull No. 4

67" x 60”, acrylic and gouache on canvas

Oil Portrait - Art Studio Columbus Ohio

Ric Petry

12" x 9", oil on panel

Oil Painting on Cardboard - Columbus Ohio Artist

Midfield, Afternoon

7.5" x 8.5", oil on cardboard

Graphic Designer and Illustrator in Columbus Ohio

Coffee Tree Triptych

7.5' x 11' overall, gouache and acrylic on canvas

Paper Mounted on Canvas - Columbus Ohio Illustrator


32" x 24", paper mounted on canvas

Clouds Overhead - Oil on Canvas - Ohio Artist

Clouds Overhead

66" x 44", oil on canvas

Gouache and Acrylic on Canvas - Ohio Graphic Designer


32" x 27", gouache and acrylic on canvas

Oil Painting on Pizza Box Lid - Columbus Ohio Artist and Graphic Designer

Brown Steel (Self Portrait)

16" x 15.5", oil on pizza box lid

Acrylic and Hair Dye on Cardboard - Ohio Artist

Self Portrait With Floating Rib

21" x 18", acrylic and hair dye on cardboard



Acrylic and charcoal on canvas.